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07.05.2020 12:26 | jhhpl

葉酸片是一種水溶性B族維生素,存在於整個人類生命系統中,小到病毒感染、細菌,因為它們是第一次用西蘭花葉中獲得的,所以被稱為葉酸片。 葉酸片中成分進入體內變化為四氫葉酸,在體內充分發揮生理作用.. 體內葉酸片總產量僅為5~6mg,但基本參與生化代謝全過程,參與體內蛋白質,DNA,血紅蛋白濃度等多種關鍵物質的生產.. 然後對細胞分裂、生長發育有關鍵影響。 所有正常的葉酸女士藥片有什麼好處?




孕婦 葉酸的吸收影響寶寶發育






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 Making your baby "happy in the garden" is not a dream
03.04.2020 13:15

We found that in kindergartens in the United States, many children do not cry too much to adapt to the kindergarten environment. The reason is that, on the one hand, many children are raised by their mothers and started to participate in many children from a very young game group. They have several social activities every week and are more adaptive. On the other hand, they are ready to enter the garden.
Why are you afraid of kindergarten?
Because this is an unfamiliar environment and strange people do strange things, this is the most important cause of worry among children.
Parents are encouraged to accompany their children to study activities in the park a few days before a child enters the park. why? After the child is able to come to this strange environment, if someone with a trust relationship is nearby, he can feel at ease, and then boldly explore the new environment. Although many parents of students in our country have the desire to accompany, they are afraid that it will be difficult for them to get out of the company. In fact, if the data processing method is proper, it will not lead to this kind of development. After the children have gradually become familiar with the life of the kindergarten, they will be interested in new toys and new friends, develop a sense of trust among teachers, and reduce dependence on parents' natural resources of the country. After two or three days, our parents started to "retreat", and some education children would cry one or two times, but immediately took the hand of a teacher he trusted and played with peace of mind. Slow-adapting children are the ones who need parents to come and go and not be able to get an effective and full sense of security.
Another important thing is that freshmen don't have to go to school at the same time. One of our kindergarten children has attended kindergarten before. He didn't cry. Seeing that there were more than 20 children crying around, the child immediately disliked the kindergarten and never wanted to go anymore .. The child has affected the other party's mentality of imitating the other party. If he comes to a happy and peaceful environment, he will be infected . Some parents say that if they don't do this, they can't exercise their children's independence. ? We think that any exercise should be done in one step. If you want to exercise your children, you should take them to the world as soon as possible. The child has never played in a shallow pool, but suddenly throws him into the sea. How can he build confidence? ?



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